Building a Nation

What is ‘Building a Nation’ and how does it work? Well, firstly, this is not a post telling you the exact rules of this type of a save, journey or whatever you call your experience within the world of Football Manager, this is more of a discussion of what we ‘think’ this type of journey is.


Building a Nation can become part of your journey from day one or day one thousand, you can go into a journey knowing you want to focus on the nation, focus on developing teams around you and dragging them along with you during your rise through the rankings. This can give you a big boost within the rankings of qualification for continental competition as seen below



So, how does Building a Nation work for us, using FC Midtjylland as our club, we already enter the Danish leagues as a leading club within the division, this means we are in a position where we can help clubs in mid table, aiding other clubs within this division to push forward.
For this, I ask myself some questions;
1: Do I need this player?
2: Can he perform enough at this level for another club?
3: Will he cause me problems playing in my own division?

As long as he does not score the goal to win the title for the club I loan him to, as long as I can continue to finish above the team in question then loaning a player I would not be using is a good plan.

loan exampleThe player in question (Munksgaard), he is wanted by a Dutch side in SC Cambuur as well as a Danish side in Randers FC, if I was looking to loan Munksgaard out, I would be selecting Randers FC, loaning him to a side within my division who could use this player to help them as a team develop as well as helping a young player of mine to gain first team experience.

Transfer offers are another way to help clubs within your division but you can take a big hit with this, playing in Nations like Denmark, you will find, especially for the first few years that clubs in your division do not have the money to match or outbid clubs from larger nations and you can also encounter the player wanting to push a move to a foreign club. This is something you must take into account in the early years but with persistence you can develop the clubs around you to the level where they can be buying your unwanted players.

Taking the Building a Nation plan within a save down the line can be a great way to continue the love for a save, maybe you are starting to dominate the league and you want to keep the save going but you are finding the league boring. Start to set yourself rules, only selling to clubs within your league, feeder clubs in the lower leagues, pick your own feeder club and give them a solid 4 or 5 players a season to help them push through the leagues and become a top level side. There are many ways you can keep a save interesting and building a nation is one of them!


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