Hovsherad 4-2 Hidra

Scouting Days, my first away day of the season, my first chance to scout a team in our league without Bjerkreim taking part. Hovsherad, a team with some good talent and a dreadful pitch, a team who utilises their pitch with direct football, long throws and game which makes sure you are on your toes.

Vikesa Moi

The chance to see them in action before we face them on May 4th away from home in Hovsherad was something I wanted to do. Playing in Moi, they had a bigger pitch and a smoother surface on the 4G but never the less, a chance to see their line up and how they performed was worth the journey alone.

Arriving just before kick off, I got the news that they were using three players from a rival club in Bakke. This was a surprise as they can not do this in league games and I would have expected to see maybe some younger people given a chance but never the less it was good to finally be back watching football after a long winter away.

With the weather at -7, I feel I should have wrapped up more for this game and many pictures in the 2nd half were taken from my car due to me been unable to handle the cold any more haha. I will not go into the details of what I saw during the game incase Hovsherad decide to alter things for when we face each other but I can say that they were very positive and very forward thinking in their game. Using the assets in their team well and looking to attack to their strengths.

vikesa hidraHidra were a side I had not seen before as they play in the region below our local region of Rogaland.

I thought Hidra looked a very young and inexperienced side, often looking out of shape and giving Hovsherad alot of space down both flanks. The movement of their attacking two looked good but again they were very isolated for long periods of the game.

I would like to see them stay together and see how the team develops over a couple of years of solid training.


please find below pictures I took of the game. my first time as a camera man so be gentle on me p.s I missed every single goal

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