SIF – Beginning of 2018


Welcome to the start of the 2018 season, Pre season is done and Stavanger IF are ready to get the season under way. Twelve signings have been added to the club, twelve new players I hope can take us to the next level and up to division 4 whilst also trying to take Stavanger IF B team up into division 5!


That is right, as well as Stavanger IF, I also have the B team playing one division lower (Division 6 C) and I want to see if we can continue to develop the whole club. As well as taking Stavanger IF to the top, I want to keep improving the B team. With that in mind, many of my new signings are in the under 19 squad whilst selected to play and be available for the B team.

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Link to Tactics SIF post

The expectations this year, the media seem to have a lot more faith in my squad comparing to my board who want a top half finish. I believe the media is underestimating some of the other teams in our division. As for our B team, if they finish in a comfortable mid table finish as the media is predicting, I think I would be happy with that.

Board Expectations FM18

Pre season 2018 results SIF

Pre season went well, I had a good chance to test my tactic and get players used to the instructions I wanted them to learn, a 2-2 at home to Viking 2 was a highlight of pre season, a very strong side from Viking turned up.

We open the season at home against Dirdal IL, A club located east of Ålgård, it will be a tough game but one I believe we can win and get off to a winning start. Make sure you check out my youtube channel for updates during the season.

2018 Stavanger IF Finances


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