SIF Finances 2018

Finances, a part of Football Manager 2018 which has me hooked! The ability to balance the spending, wages and sales to make sure the club is financially in a good place.

The first stage of any clubs journey is to assess the finances, finding what is making income and what is costing you money during the pre season period before you have things like gate receipt income and match day income as well as match day expenses from league games.

Who are Stavanger IF SIF

Stage One: The Overview

Looking at the overview screen you get all the basic information needed, profit/loss for the month, the seasons profit or loss, overall balance as well as a brief overview of income and expenses for the month.

Finance Overview Stavanger IF, SIF FM18

Stage Two: Income

Now it is time for me to go deeper into the financial books of Stavanger IF. Starting with the income, always nice to see what we are making before scaring ourselves by what we are losing each month. First you can see at the top of the screen the total income for the month, previous month, season and the previous season.Finance income Stavanger IF, SIF FM18

Finance income Stavanger IF, SIF FM18

Looking in more detail at what is making the money for us, Sponsorship is currently leading the way, B team income looks to be a nice earner so far also and I am very curious how much that will make during the season. I can expect things like gate receipts, match day income and some of the others to rise higher during the season also.

Link to Tactics SIF post

Stage Three: Expenses

Moving into the expenses, it is Significantly lower than the income so already I am smiling, am I going to be managing a club which can actually make money!

Finance Expenses Stavanger IF, SIF FM18

expenses 2Looking into the expenses in greater detail, the B team is currently topping the expenses but the expense is a lot less than the income so at the minute, that is not an issue for me. Looking down the list, there is no issues for season one it is looking like. I am almost amazed that we have a club which looks in a good place, almost starting again on a fresh slate after the financial turmoil over the past years.

Finance Wages Stavanger IF, SIF FM18

I am fairly confident that the lack of expenses on wages is certainly a help to make the club profitable but that is I guess one of the joys of playing so low down.

Stage Four: Projection

Finally the projection, a screen I often ignore as it is never correct as so many things can change during a season, a good cup run, the sale of a player, the signing of a player which all effect it and thus make it wrong but I know some of you like it so here we are 😀

Finance ProjectionStavanger IF, SIF FM18

The Beginning of 2018, Stavanger IF, SIFj


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