Stavanger IF: Who?

Stavanger IF Kits

Welcome to this Football Manager 2018 series with Stavanger based Stavanger IF, locally known as SIF.

Founded in 1905, Stavanger IF are a club with a history that many in Norway would SIF Stadion, Viking Stadion Siffendream about. Before World War 2, Stavanger IF were a top flight club in Norway and the leading light from the Rogaland region of Norway. Also proudly within their history is a place in the semi final of the Norwegian cup on four separate occasions, 1912, 1914, 1929 and 1930.  Stavanger IF are located closer to the center of Stavanger than Viking FK, in a good location to attract the fans to the ground, it is time for Stavanger IF to take its place back as the ‘main’ club in Stavanger.

The start of 2018

Stavanger IF Stadion, SIF Stadion, SiffenSince the turn of the decade, SIF have had an eventful time, finding themselves as high as the second tier in Norwegian football in 2009. In the early 2000’s, after a takeover from a wealthy local man, SIF started a journey that there fans will not forget, first the rise from the lower reaches of the local regional divisions to the second tier in 2009 before a collapse in financial support saw the club fall as fast as they rose and now in 2018 they find themselves in division 5, tier 6 in the Norwegian system, playing up against amateur sides like Dirdal and Oltedal.

SIF info

Link to Tactics SIF post

Stavanger IF facilities 2018

The Facilities for the club are good for this level, they do not own their ground but must only pay a 15% of gate receipts instead of a monthly or yearly rental agreement. With below average training and poor youth facilities, that is something that I will be looking to improve and make sure we have facilities for the rise back up the leagues.




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